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We have made it our mission in life to respect the purity and richness of nature and to delicately capture and reflect its characteristics in effective, sustainable quality products. Every day we are committed to improving and delivering better natural products created with the noblest raw materials from all over the world for customers who care. We want to make nature tangible bringing to you beauty, health and well being.

Our Company

Natural products, created with intelligence. Since 1986, the team of VITALIS Dr. Joseph successfully develops innovative and unique products. A 25-year experience and the use of new technologies in accord with an ancient knowledge are the guarantee of visible success. VITALIS Dr. Joseph collaborates with the most intelligent laboratory in the world: nature.

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hightech natural cosmetics

In the 21st century, high performance can only come from professional teams – of this we are certain. Every day we follow our pioneering calling to combine cosmetics, advanced technology, nature and aesthetics with unique quality: creating hightech natural cosmetics for a new generation of skin care.

TEAM DR JOSEPH is 100% power and nature in every jar:

// Visible, immediate effects
// Hightech natural cosmetics
// A new dimension of holistic treatments
// A sustainable, respectful relationship with nature
// Certified organic cosmetics
// Lightweight, non-greasy, fast-absorbing textures
// For your skin’s health

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VITALIS Dr. Joseph

professional wellness products

For more than 25 years VITALIS DR. Joseph has offered professional spa treatments & finest natural wellness products for your institute & spa. Only the purest ingredients for your skin. Please your clients and yourself.

// Natural massage oils
// Organic aromatherapy massage oils
// Emulsions
// Synergies of essential oils
// Chakra synergies
// Oil extracts and macerates
// Plant and vegetable oils
// Accessories
// Holistic treatments


Alpicare - Sanum Per Alpes

alpine wellness products

Alpicare® – Sanum per Alpes® – A quality brand aiming at merging centuries of alpine tradition and ancient knowledge of regional plants, natural products and methods into a single wellness package.

Pure beauty. The products and methods of Alpicare® – Sanum per Alpes® use only natural and genuine substances originating from the Alpine environment. These precious ingredients enhance your skin and your body with pure and natural beauty.

Health. Our products are not conceived as mere cosmetics. The products and methods of Alpicare® – Sanum per Alpes® contain the quintessence of the Alps. Alpicare® – Sanum per Alpes® is completed by a combination of active ingredients such as chestnut&mint, apple&dog-rose, hay&juniper.

The success of tradition. Alpicare® – Sanum per Alpes® blends the past with the present: centuries of alpine tradition and ancient knowledge matched with innovative production methods. In order to successfully apply tradition, we need to reinterpret our cultural heritage as reproducing the past without adapting it would only result in stasis. Our present times require innovative projects, and Alpicare® – Sanum per Alpes® has knowledgeably gathered into a single holistic approach package the genuine substances, sensitivity and the medicine of popular tradition (Ragginer).


Südtirol fragrance

natural home fragrances

The gods rest in places with a heavenly scent.
Take yourself on a journey of fragrances through South Tyrol: five extraordinary fragrances tell stories of the land, its people and culture. Each fragrance holds the charm ofmemory based in archaic rituals and sensual pleasure, associations with moments of bliss. Elegant, harmonious, sensual!



Highend Spa-Tables & Equipment

We are the official distributor of Gharieni for the Italian territory.

Your advantages:
// Made in Germany – certified quality: TÜV Nord, ISO 13485:2016
// Innovation and Design
// Individual Variation: you choose colors, size, accessories, features, …
// 100% Performance and Best Price Guarantee
// service lines and expert advice in your area

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